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Taylor Shellfish Geoduck Sashimi

Geoduck is not the most popular sea creature but in Korean culture it's considered a delicacy and usually eaten raw with chili sauce or put into stews.

This giant clam can be intimidating and not easy to procure if you live outside of the Pacific Northwest but what a cool ingredient to use and it has such a unique sea forward taste.

Check out this tutorial on how to process a fresh geoduck from our friends at Taylor Shellfish Farms.




  1. Bring large pot of water, about 8 quarts, to boil and add a the piece of fresh ginger. This will help take away any fishy smell or taste from the clam. Have a large bowl of ice ready on the side.

  2. Once the water is boiling, place the whole geoduck into the water and blanch for about 20 seconds. The skin of the trunk will turn a shade darker. DO NOT overcook as the meat will get rubbery and not enjoyable to eat.

  3. Take geoduck out and place in the ice water to stop cooking.

  4. Peel the skin off the meat and then pry open shell and cut the meat away from the shell edges.

  5. For the sashimi, we will be using the siphon base. Set aside the meat (breast and siphon shaft for Geoduck fritters).

  6. Slide the geoduck siphon into thin slides and serve raw.

  7. Make a dipping sauce. It can be as simple as soy sauce with some wasabi or a gochujang sauce.

**TIP** We don't recommend sashimi for the other parts outside of the siphon base but you can cook the rest of the geoduck meat in butter or make geoduck fritters.

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