• Eunji Han

Kimchi Bloody Mary Oyster Shooters

If you love Korean food then you probably have tried soju, the Korean drink of choice.

For a large part of the United States, soju might be a liquor that you never knew existed. It's a clear liquor made from rice and it is similar to vodka but lower proof at 20-24% alcohol by volume spirit, and has a less harsher taste.

Soju is meant to be consumed with food, specifically "anju," a Korean phrase that means means "food that is specifically made to be consumed with alcohol".

An oyster shooter, seemed like the perfect manifestation of a modern day "anju."

These gorgeous Pacific oysters were provided by our friends at Taylor Shellfish Farms.



  1. Shuck your oysters. Here's a video from Chef Steps if you don't know how too.

  2. In a shot glass (or espresso tin I picked up in Mexico City featured here), add the oyster to the glass and top with the Korean Bloody Mary mix and soju.

  3. Shoot and enjoy!

Gonbae my friends!! (Cheers in Korean)

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