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My understanding of Korean culture and memories of my family growing up has always been deeply rooted in our food traditions and being in the kitchen.  As a child, I remember asking my mom, how do I make this? She would just say, taste it and you'll know.

This idea of instinct and cooking with your hands is capsulated in the Korean phrase "sohn mat" aka taste of your hands. This site is an homage to my family's heritage both North and South Korean and exploring the regional differences in Korean cooking that I've been exploring through stories told by my family.

My father who is of North Korean heritage and my mother who is a city girl from Seoul told me how assimilating the cooking differences in their earlier years of marriage was disastrous.  This also got me curious about the culinary differences between North and South Korea.  

Thank you to my best friend and mom who inspired this by collaborating on a gift of handwritten Korean recipes.  Most of them are sans measurements or actual instructions just my mom's "sohn mat - how she believes the food should taste through her hands.